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Roofing Contractor Services

We are roofing contractors that service the North Jersey region consisting of Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Essex counties. Roof installations and roof replacements are our specialty. We also address underlying roof issues like wood replacement, flashing issues and chimney repair, gutter replacement and more. We will assist with roofing emergencies and storm damage as well. Your new roof is on its way!

Types of Roofs we Service

We have decades of experience in all types of roofing material installations and roof replacements. We have built many relationships with suppliers of asphalt shingles, metal panels and metal shingle manufacturers, granite quarries and forest certified products and distributors. 

Fully Insured

Our roofing team is fully insured with up-to-date- workman's comp and solid general liability insurance. We are professionals and our quality of work is the most important factor we live and work by.  

How does a roofing consultation work?

One of our highly experienced roofing consultants will meet with you directly at your home. We will take the time to look at your roof and inside your attic if deemed necessary, and discuss your needs, options and preferences. Taking all that into consideration, our roofing contractor consultant will offer their professional advice for how to proceed. If you jointly need a new roof and decide to move forward with us, we will supply you with a free written estimate that notes both estimated material cost and labor. Upon signing a contract with roofing contractors, North Jersey Pro Roofers, we will schedule your roofing project with you. 

What happens during the roofing process?

Well, first, we deliver the roofing material to your property. We then prepare the site for our workers, ensuring their safety and the safety of your property including preserving your vegetation and structures around the housing perimeter. We lay out 'catch' tarps for material for both demolition and for installation. If your roof requires layers to be stripped, also called rip-and-replace, we perform that demo work the first day. 

Once bare, we then we inspect the underlying layers of the roof. Taking pictures of any damage or rot, or any other concern that should be addressed. Those issues are discussed with you and we proceed accordingly.

As we lay down roof layers, we take care to ensure quality. We warranty our work. We do that because we are certain of our quality of workmanship. 

Once the roof has been installed, we do a 40 point inspection to ensure everything is in order. We clean the site of any debris and leave your home and property in fantastic condition.  

Our roofing warranty

We do warranty our workmanship and work with materials that come with their own warranties. Each material warranty depends on what material or manufacturer you choose, but when you choose North Jersey Pro Roofers, we are guaranteeing our workmanship. Depending on your roof type and the installation or replacement service, we have warranties we stand behind. Our consultant will discuss this with you onsite.